Monday, October 11, 2010


The lids sealed, the jam set, and it's delicious (but, what wouldn't be with six cups of sugar in it?).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

#7: Learn to Can Foods

Status: in progress

I don’t have a canner. I don’t have access to one either. Nor do I currently have the funds to go out and purchase one. However, I am now out of the woods and I do have access to a kitchen. So naturally I thought today would be a good day to attempt to make and can some huckleberry jam.

In theory, canning seems to be quite easy. All you need is the fruit, some jars, and pectin (oh, a canner too, but that’s just a minor detail). I followed the directions in the pamphlet from the pectin box; mashed up my berries, added the lemon juice and water, boiled everything, and added the six cups of sugar (yes. six.), boiled again, then jarred and lidded. (I was told, from a trusted source, that it isn’t completely necessary to do the water bath with jam) Now…..I’m waiting. In less than 24 hours I may (or may not) have some deliciously sweet, sweet huckleberry jam. I may also be able to cross an item off of my list.