Thursday, August 19, 2010


Huckleberry pancakes,
Huckleberry pie.
Huckleberries in jam,
My, oh my.

Huckleberry milkshakes,
Huckleberry tarts.
Huckleberry cobbler,
Where do we start?

Huckleberry muffins,
A huckleberry sauce.
Huckleberry smoothies,
And huckleberries for your boss.

Huckleberry ice cream,
Huckleberry wine.
Huckleberries in my mouth,
They taste oh so fine.

Huckleberry cheesecake,
Huckleberry crisp.
With huckleberries in everything
You just can’t miss.

Huckleberries on cereal,
Huckleberries in beer.
With huckleberries in the freezer,
You can have huckleberries any time of the year!

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