Friday, April 23, 2010

An Icelandic (volcano) Update

First, I am told that I need to report on all this volcano brew-ha-ha, and what its like to be in ''the midst'' of it all. The only problem with that is, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what is going on. The volcano has had, with from what I can tell, very little impact actually on Iceland (other than those poor tourists who came to vacation on the island and then couldn´t get back home because they were from Europe). We have just been touring up in the north, with very little connection to the outside world (meaning, we haven´t seen a tv pretty much since we got here), and since it hasn´t affected anything up here, we haven´t heard much about it. Plus I don´t think the Icelanders are all that phazed about it, I mean, heck......their island was MADE from volcanic eruptions. Big deal.

Anyway, disappointingly, I have no exciting news about it to report. I realize now that we probably should have done everything in our power and resources to try to get to the volcano when we were in Reykjavik. However, being that we were completely sleep\food deprived and were (for whatever reason) more worried about how we were going to get around the island......we failed to look into the lava-spewing, ash-cloud fuming volcano. (stupid. stupid. stupid) But, the last time it erupted, it lasted for, like, a year or we´ve got pleanty of time, right????

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