Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Phase One: move out of apartment.

Status: completed.

Though, not without a few tears of frustration on my part. Moving is always stressful, but when you move your entire (albeit studio) apartment into one 5x10 storage unit in one day, it's entirely too overwhelming. Doubts that everything is going to fit are pure torturing at about one in the morning, but somehow fit everything did.

Items deemed "lost forever" (but were found during the move):
1. Sunglasses (brand new in November)
2. Watch (the only one I own that still works)
3. Liners for my ski gloves (would have helped about a month ago, though)
4. Necklace (don't actually wear it, but it has sentimental value)
5. Keys (you know, helps to start the car)
6. A thing of makeup
7. Passport (technically this was found during the first move in December....but I thought appropriate to include because finding it is the entire reason we are going to Iceland in the first place)

All items were found in the most obscure spot I could have thought to put them (or, didn't think, because, obviously, I had no idea where any of them were beforehand)

Items that I now have no idea where they are:
1. Ipod (damn.)

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