Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phase Two: play in seattle

Status: in progress

Being from Whitefish, MT, Cory has never really been to the Pacific North West for much of an extended stay. Thus far this is what we have done:

1. An "Urban Hike" in Seattle's Pike Place Market.
Flying fish whizzing over our heads, nibbling on the free samples of fresh fruits, vegetables, and chocolate spaghetti, and walking along the waterfront and up the alleyway of the infamous "gum wall."

2. A Movie.
"Alice in Wonderland" at the 3D. 3D is awesome. Tim Burton is awesome.

3. The butterfly exhibit.

4. An Edmonds Sunset.
"It's an Edmonds kind of Day"

5. Dug up weeds in the yard.

6. A hair cut.
Cory. Not me. I did the cutting


7. The Zoo.
Lions, & Tigers, & Bears.....and elephants and zebras - Oh My!
But the Red Panda was my favorite

And so far that has just been the first week. We still have one more adventure filled week to go before we head out to Iceland.

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