Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet Cory.

<----- This is Cory.

Cory is traveling to Iceland with me.

Cory and I worked together (my first winter) at the front desk at Whitefish Mountain Resort (aka: Big Mountain, where I've been hiding out the past two winters......I mean working.)

Cory Facts:

1. He's a true Montanan (read: small town, hunter, fisher, skier, outdoors-man). Born and raised, he'll probably die there too..........someday.

2. His summer job: fly fishing guide. His winter job: ski bum.......yeah, life's rough.

3. Although he's been to Mexico, he's never done much traveling outside of the country (because Canada totally doesn't count) Stick with me, kid. I'll take you places.

4. Favorite animal: Wapiti. (go look it up.)

5. He likes photography, folf, cooking, music, the snow.......and me.

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